Yoga and Surf: Brothers from different mothers

When we enter the sea to look for and ride waves, we literally use our whole body, our arms to paddle, go up and reach the moving waves, our legs to stand up and our torso to balance on the board.

Let’s not forget that the mind is also important during each surf session, it is she who directs the activity by responding to all external and internal stimuli, our mind calms down to react wisely to the constant changes in the living environment of the ocean.

At Ika Ika Surf School we teach surfing as a “whole body” activity with which we gain physical strength, flexibility and skill.

In each wave we supply unique information to our body, information that once learned will stay with us forever.

But when we are not in the sea “chasing” waves, our body and mind need to stay active by carrying out an activity that prepares them for the moment when we go back to surfing.

At Ika Ika Surf School we know that both for life and for surfing, it is important to stay strong and flexible, physically and mentally.

There are many ways to train these skills when we are not in the sea.

Do not forget that your body is the engine of the surfboard and your mind is the computer.

That is why at Ika Ika Surf School we recommend doing activities compatible with Surfing:

Running, meditating, cycling, trekking, doing some exercises with your own body weight (callisthenics, for example), martial arts, pilates or yoga.

In particular, Yoga perfectly encompasses the effective training of human physical and mental qualities, this ancient activity has many virtues related to well-being and health.

That is why at Ika Ika Surf School we have made an important alliance with Be Free Travel Agency, our idea is as simple as it is powerful: Create a comprehensive experience, unique to the south of the island of Tenerife, in which we can successfully mix Surf and Yoga in order to empower you and connect with life through these two activities.

To achieve this, we have created an interesting tour package of 8 days of stay in an incredible accommodation equipped with all the comforts so that you can get closer to yourself through practices guided by professionals from both disciplines.

In addition, our activity is ideal both for those who already know Yoga and Surf and for those who want to start practising them.

We will focus on Hatha and transformational Yoga, we will meditate, and we will practice Surf in the beautiful Playa de Las Américas, one of the most famous in Spain and Europe.

We have designed this activity so that you enhance your human qualities in a beautiful environment that will facilitate the connection with yourself and with nature.

Hand in hand with Be free Travel Agency and Ika Ika Surf School, get closer to yourself, connect with the essence of our planet, become more flexible, strong and relaxed under the sky of the beautiful island of Tenerife, with the comforts that only they can offer you specialists in the field.

Yoga and Surfing were born in different places, at different times in human history but, definitely, in addition to being compatible, they will strengthen you, changing, in an 8-day journey, your life forever.

Do not worry about the air ticket, transfers and breakfast, you just have to come and your desire to connect with life.

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