Surfing down to the last detail

“ Evolution ” is a very powerful and significant word, the dictionary defines it verbatim as:

“ Gradual change or transformation of something, such as a state, a circumstance, a situation, some ideas…”

After your first session and/or surf class with us at Ika Ika Surf School, in Tenerife, Canary Islands, you begin to understand on your own what this concept means.

You may have only stood up a few times, but you have already begun to create muscle memory, gradually modelling your body outline, and adapting to the changing conditions of the sea and the waves.

Each wave is a lesson, an opportunity to move your body to the rhythm of the ocean, sometimes you fall, other times you simply flow savouring sensations that you did not know existed before.

It’s time to go to the next level in your surfing, perhaps the “foams” or white water waves were perfect for your first steps on the water, the immense Softboard 8.0 was perfect to teach your arms to sink into the surface of the water looking for the speed necessary to catch that wave but it was enough, you know that you have to increase the degree of difficulty to get to where you have always dreamed of being.

Many only need a few classes before deciding to enter the sea on their own, and that’s fine: Surfing is not a team sport, although it never hurts to have the opinion and guidance of a friend, someone with more knowledge and practice on the waves, someone who can correct your setbacks with you to turn them into learning. (and if you are far from the sea, it doesn’t matter.

Get ready to take the next step even if the waves do not reach you) When you want to continue progressing in something, sometimes your own vision does not allow you to see certain details, it is time to try Surf Coaching.

At Ika Ika Surf Center we give you the opportunity to continue advancing in your learning. You will stop being a Surf Beginner when you decide, you will start looking for ways to evolve, first in your mind and then with your learning, remember that when you ride waves you do it both with your body and with your mind.

That is why we offer you personalized advice, and supervision that will seek to improve your surfing taking into account even the smallest of details.

To make it possible, we put at your disposal all the wisdom and practice of our best surf instructors.

In addition to their advice, you can have video recordings of your sessions with which you can correct your movements, focus on your weaknesses on the board and enhance your strengths.

For us at Ika Ika Surf School, surfing is an activity full of details, little tricks that add up, and skills that come together in you to become knowledgeable.

Do not miss the opportunity to continue advancing, enjoy the process with us, we are waiting for you in Playa de Las Américas, in the south of the island of Tenerife.

See you on the water!